YUR - make any VR game a workout :boxing_glove::muscle: | Product Hunt Embed
YUR - Make any VR game a workout :boxing_glove::muscle: | Product Hunt Embed

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YUR is the VR Fitness Tracking tool that records your progress in some of the biggest VR games on Steam. With the release of the application in early access, YUR is now available to all PC VR headsets as well as Oculus Quest.

User Reviews

"YUR has been monumental for me as a motivator to push myself to the next level in VR. The overlay is great for checking your stats while in game, such as how many calories you've burned or how many squats you did- and it's surprisingly accurate!"


User Reviews

I love it. The UI is clear and effective. The tracking seems good. The beta apk I've just downloaded onto my phone (SGN9 ) work well, and is a great addition to keep in touch with my results, outside the QUEST. Thanks for that big improvement. Nice job. Can't wait to see more!

Jackline Quest

User Reviews

"Amazing for tracking your activity as you play vr games and smash through a million games of beat saber. Now it supports any VR game too which is amazing and great for a data nerd like me. Google fit integration also rocks. The interface and data collection is super neat and makes playing more addictive. Super thumbs up!"


Check out these great titles tested by YUR. Available on Steam! For full body fitness engagement add several games into your fitness routine.

YUR in action