We revamped the YUR VR experience!

We are proud to announce the first virtual watch of its kind, YUR.watch.
What is it? A brand new interface for YUR starting with our Flagship Quest games YUR will allow you
to track fitness metrics without any wearable heart rate monitors from a virtual watch interface in VR.

Our leveling system, which relies on XP you gain as you burn calories
will allow you to unlock new tiered watches in these games.

Download YUR integrated Games
for Oculus Quest
visit settings to toggle on YUR:


Over the course of the last quarter we’ve seen an incredible shift in the world due to COVID-19,
people are looking for new avenues to stay active while at-home.
Now, over 5.1+ million workouts have been logged by over
60,000 users; and with so much time spent at home now is the time to join them.